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Command-line tools

  • ci

    Run npm ci using the appropriate Node package manager (npm, yarn, pnpm)

  • deps

    Use V8 to identify which package dependencies are being executed

  • i-peers

    Install your npm package's peerDependencies

  • npm-multi-publish

    Publish an npm package to multiple registries

  • pkg-size

    Measure the size of your npm package distribution

  • playwright-start

    Start a long-running Playwright browser server via CLI

  • prerelease-checks

    Run essential pre-release checks before releasing an npm package

  • snap-tweet

    Snap a clean and simple screenshot of a tweet

  • git-detect-case-change

    Script to detect file name case changes in a Git repository

  • build-this-branch

    Script to automate creating built branches


GitHub actions

Ink components

Markdown It!


  • gh-emojis

    Access the GitHub emojis API response as an npm package

  • systemjs-unpkg

    Auto-resolve bare specifiers in SystemJS using UNPKG

PostCSS plugins

Rollup plugins


  • bfs

    Find the path to a value in a complex JavaScript object

  • cleye

    Develop a strongly typed command-line interface

  • manten

    💮 満点 - Lightweight testing library for Node.js

  • cli-simple-table

    Simply display tabular data in a CLI

  • comment-mark

    Interpolate strings with HTML comment markers

  • dbgr

    Use a lightweight debugger alternative for Node.js

  • fs-require

    Create a require() function from any file-system

  • fs.promises.exists

    Use a promise-based fs.existsSync() method

  • mempack

    Run a completely in-memory Webpack build

  • reactive-json-file

    Automatically save JS objects as you mutate them

  • tasuku

    Minimally display tasks running in your script

  • terminal-columns

    Render readable & responsive tables in the terminal

  • type-flag

    Parse CLI argv flags with first-class type support

Vue.js UI components

Vue.js utils/tools

  • vue-2-3

    Interop Vue 2 components in Vue 3 apps and vice versa

  • vue-ast-utils

    Work with Vue 3 AST nodes

  • vue-dom-hints

    Debug a Vue.js app without usingVue.js devtools

  • vue-frag

    Create a Fragment (multiple root-nodes) in Vue 2

  • vue-frag-plugin

    Add multiple root-node support to SFCs in Vue 2 via Webpack/Rollup/Vite plugin

  • vue-grep

    Grep your Vue.js codebase with CSS selectors

  • vue-just-ssr

    Add an SSR + HMR dev-env to a Webpack + Vue.js project

  • vue-proxi

    Proxy Vue.js component props and event-listeners to a child component

  • vue-pseudo-window

    Bind event-listeners to the window/document via template

  • vue-subslot

    Pick out specific elements from component <slot>s

  • vue-svg-icon-set

    Create an optimized icon-set in Vue.js using Webpack

  • vue-v

    Render vNodes via component template

  • vue-vnode-syringe

    Add attributes and event-listeners to component <slot>s

Web utilities



  • github-cdn

    Serve static content from a Github Enterprise server

  • litemark

    Edit your markdown with a live preview of what it would look like on GitHub

  • motion-orientation-api

    Visualize and understand the data you get from theMotion & Orientation API

  • postcss-preset-env-playground

    Play with the differentPostCSS preset-envconfigurations

  • repkg

    Convert or bundle a npm package (or a specific file) to AMD/UMD on demand